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Follow Your Community Along its Blueprint Project

Blueprint Columbus began its work on the South Side and in Clintonville, and is gradually working its way through a list of neighborhoods in need of sanitary sewer improvements. As our efforts continue to expand, we encourage community members to follow along to keep tabs on each neighborhood’s Blueprint Columbus project.

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Clintonville is divided into three project areas. Blueprint began in central Clintonville, known as Clintonville 1, to address a sewer overflow in the Adena Brook at Whetstone Park.


Linden is divided into 3 project areas, with North Linden 1 beginning Blueprint construction in 2020. This project area was prioritized due to significant rates of basement backups and system improvement needs.


Hilltop is divided into four project areas, based on sewer networks that flow to specific overflow points. Hilltop 1 is the first project area to begin Blueprint, which will also address significant stormwater flooding issues.

Miller Kelton & Driving Park

The Miller Kelton and Driving Park area is a dense, urban area with historic charm. Stormwater runoff from houses, sidewalks, and streets are contributing to sewer overflows near the Alum Creek Multi-use Trail.

Fifth by Northwest

Fifth X Northwest is divided into two separate project areas: Sunrise / Glenn and Edgehill / Meadow. Both project areas are in the Grandview Heights neighborhood sitting just north of W 3rd Ave.


The Livingston James project area is broken into 5 different subsections that are located east of Bexley reaching as far north as 5th Ave and as far south as Rt.70. All 5 of these subareas will be on different timetables with construction beginning in 2025.

Near East

The Near East is located within one singular project area and is located in a dense urban neighborhood directly south of the South Linden project area.

Near South

The Near South project area is broken into two separate areas: Morrill / Ann and Champion / Roberts. Construction for these areas is slated to begin in 2026.

West Franklinton

The West Franklinton is comprised of two separate project areas: Yale / Edwin and Green / Glenwood. Both project areas are contained by W Broad St to the North and W Mound St to the South.”

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For more information, please contact the Blueprint Columbus Outreach Team. Or check out our interactive map to see what may be on deck for your neighborhood.