The Four Pillars

A Better Way to Protect Homes & Streams

Did you know it rains in Columbus about one out of every three days? When rainfall is especially heavy, sanitary sewer systems may be overwhelmed with rain water, which can result in untreated sewage flowing into our rivers – and that’s precisely what Blueprint Columbus aims to prevent.

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Our Mission in Columbus

Keeping flooding and sewer overflows under control means ensuring our waterways are environmentally friendly, with vital steps including preserving streams, mitigating overflow and removing pollutants. Blueprint Columbus’ four pillars work together to solve not only these problems, but also aid in keeping basements nice and dry.

The Four Pillars

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure refers to the use of measures to filter and reduce peak flows of storm water through measures such as rain gardens and permeable pavement. These measures allow water to filter through layers of stone, soil and plants before reaching the storm sewer system.

Lateral Lining

Lateral lining is a means of replacing old pipes that have experienced wear and tear. When pipes crack over time, water can leak out of them and into the sanitary sewer, leading to overflows. The installation of lateral lining is like angioplasty for your pipes, rehabilitating aging and deteriorating infrastructure so that it can last for decades.

Roof Water Redirection

Through our improvements to home downspouts, we can ensure water flows into the storm sewers where it belongs, avoiding backups and preventing water from seeping into the foundation of the home.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are standard features for most homes built after the 1960s, directing rain water away from the foundation of the house to avoid basement flooding. Sump pumps also help reduce the amount of water getting to the sanitary lateral, which prevents the system from getting…

overwhelmed and overflowing. For this reason, Blueprint offers a voluntary sump pump installation program. Sump pumps are a win-win for residents because they help keep basements dry as well.

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