Blueprint Hilltop 1

Hilltop has been identified as a Blueprint priority area due to a significant number of basement backup incidences and the sanitary sewer overflow that discharges into Forest Creek/Scioto Big Run. In addition to the four pillars of Blueprint, Hilltop Blueprint includes additional sewer upgrades to address existing deficiencies and severe flooding locations.

Construction Begins 2023

Design Details

Current Projects

Hilltop 1 is bounded by West Broad Street to the north, Wheatland Avenue to the east, Sullivant Avenue to the south and Derrer Road to the west. Hilltop 1 is divided into two project areas:

Eureka-Fremont (S Hague to S Wheatland)

Palmetto-Westgate (Derrer to S Hague)

Project Map


Hilltop 1 Construction Update for the week of May 13, 2024

Palmetto/Westgate Green Infrastructure

Construction Activities

  • Walled basin and adjacent storm sewer construction will continue at the following locations:
    • S Huron Avenue and Palmetto Street intersection
    • S Sylvan Avenue and Palmetto Street intersection
    • Palmetto Street and Guernsey Avenue intersection
    • Binns Boulevard between Olive Street and Crescent Drive
    • S Huron Avenue between Broad Street and Crescent Drive
    • S Roys Avenue and Crescent Drive intersection
    • Guernsey Avenue between Wicklow Road and Fremont Street
  • Regional Basin and walled basin planting installations
    • Westgate Park basins
    • S Westgate Avenue and Ellis Place intersection
    • Wicklow Road between Guernsey Avenue and S Roys Avenue
    • S Huron Avenue between Wicklow Road and Parkside Road
    • S Chase Avenue between Wicklow Road and Fremont Street
    • S Roys Avenue between Parkside Road and Wicklow Road
    • S Powell Avenue between Wicklow Road and Fremont Street
    • S Powell Avenue between Postle Street and Palmetto Street
    • Demorest Road between Wicklow Road and Palmetto Street

Traffic Impacts

  • One-lane two-way traffic will be maintained with flaggers.
  • When required, road closures may be utilized due to space constraints. Local detours will be provided.

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Hilltop 1 Project Schedule

Phase 1

Surveying: 2016-2018

Surveyors are in the neighborhood to document water flow patterns, topography, existing utilities, and other residential infrastructure, such as downspouts.

Phase 2

Green Infrastructure Design: 2018-2021

The engineering team identifies the types and locations of green infrastructure that will meet the needs of the neighborhood. During the design phase, we seek resident feedback through surveys, public meetings, and field visits.

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Phase 3

Shovels in the Ground: 2023-2024

Construction of green infrastructure involves work in the public right-of-way and street. All neighborhood residents will be notified of anticipated impacts, and Blueprint will send out weekly construction updates to keep everyone informed of the schedule and activities.

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Green Infrastructure Construction: 2023

Rain gardens and porous pavement sites are installed. During this time other city infrastructure work may occur, such as waterline upgrades or sidewalk installations.

Lateral Lining and Roofwater Redirection: 2024

Individual homes are assessed for lateral lining and roofwater redirection. These home improvements prevent stormwater from entering the sanitary sewer lines by getting that water away from your home and out to the street, so it can drain to the storm sewer system

Project Milestones & Events

Preliminary Design Meeting

June 6, 2018

Meeting Recap

Detailed Design Meeting

10/9 & 10/10 2019

Meeting Recap

Final Design Meeting

June 23, 2021

Meeting Recap

Pre-Construction Meeting

July 18, 2023

Burgers, Brats and Blueprint
Event Presentation

Kick-off: Virtual

August 10, 2023

Virtual presentation

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Green Infrastructure Locations

See where green infrastructure is planned in your neighborhood.

Hilltop 1 Eureka Fremont

Hilltop 1 Palmetto Westgate

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