Construction Updates: Week of August 2nd, 2021

Please note that construction schedules are subject to change due to weather, site issues, etc. Reference this construction MAP to view the impacted construction areas for next week. Unsure about which is your area? Visit the Blueprint map and type in your address to find out!

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General Updates

Please be aware that Clintonville is divided into 3 sections. Clintonville 1, Clintonville 2 and Clintonville 3. All three areas are on separate schedules for when work will be completed. Please visit our website and interactive map to establish which Clintonville area you fall into. Clintonville 1 is nearing completion while Clintonville 2 and 3 have had some schedule delays due to the ongoing improvements taking place in the design implementation.

COVID-19 Update: Due to the outdoor nature of the work, lateral lining and downspout redirection crews will continue to work in the field, supervised by an independent inspection firm. Sump pump installations are continuing at this time. Some staff are working remotely to address emerging issues. Please be patient as it may take longer to respond to your questions or concerns.

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Reminder: If you have a basement backup (sewer water coming up from your floor drain), please report this to the City by calling 614-645-7102. Please note that crews are working diligently to investigate issues throughout the city, and so we may not be able to respond immediately. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you had your lateral lined and are experiencing the smell of the resin material used during the lateral process do not be alarmed. The material is not hazardous, please open your windows and flush out your floor drains and traps with a galloon of water to help push out any excess material that is causing the smell. The smell is temporary and will go away.

The rain gardens are designed to drain in 48 hours or less. Some standing water within the garden after a rain event is normal. However, if the rain gardens are overflowing or have standing water for more than 2 days, please report that to or 311.

Project Status

Schreyer Springs

  • BLD has completed all lateral lining within the project area.
  • Facemyer has completed all project work within the project work zone. Rain gardens will continue to have a monthly cleanout/maintenance performed on them.
  • Downspout installations are complete.

Overbrook Chatham 

  • There will be no work taking place in this area this week.

Weisheimer Indian Springs

  • Rain gardens will continue to have monthly cleanout/maintenance performed.

Cooke Glenmont

  • MCSP, the crew that is conducting downspout work in the area will not be working this week. 
  • Mussun Brothers, the crew that is conducting the lateral line work will not be working this week.

Blenheim Glencoe

  •  BLD will not be conducting lateral lining this week.
  • Downspout redirection work has begun and will take place on the following streets: 
    • Northridge Rd
    • Richards Rd
  • Eramo will continue to conduct routine maintenance on the rain gardens..  

 Morse Dominion

  • BLD and OBA have both completed their private property work(lateral lining and downspout work).

Lateral Lining & Roofwater Redirection

Project Map

Current Projects

Clintonville 1 is bordered by N. High Street and Indianola, between Morse Rd. and Glencoe Rd.  

Clintonville 1 is divided into six project areas:





Weisheimer-Indian Springs


Project Map

Clintonville 1 Project Schedule

Phase 1

Surveying: 2014

Surveyors are in the neighborhood to document water flow patterns, topography, existing utilities, and other residential infrastructure, such as downspouts.

Phase 2

Green Infrastructure Design: 2015-2017

The engineering team identifies the types and locations of green infrastructure that will meet the needs of the neighborhood. During the design phase, we seek resident feedback through surveys, public meetings, and field visits.

Learn More See What’s Planned

Phase 3

Shovels in the Ground: 2017

Construction of green infrastructure involves work in the public right-of-way and street. All neighborhood residents will be notified of anticipated impacts, and Blueprint will send out weekly construction updates to keep everyone informed of the schedule and activities.

Learn More

Green Infrastructure Construction: 2021

Rain gardens and porous pavement sites are installed. During this time other city infrastructure work may occur, such as waterline upgrades or sidewalk installations.

Lateral Lining and Roofwater Redirection: 2023

Individual homes are assessed for lateral lining and roofwater redirection. These home improvements prevent stormwater from entering the sanitary sewer lines by getting that water away from your home and out to the street, so it can drain to the storm sewer system

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