Blueprint Columbus Children’s Art Contest

Celebrating Community and Creativity

Welcome to the Blueprint Columbus Children’s Art Contest, where young artists have the opportunity to showcase their talents while celebrating our vibrant community and the innovative Blueprint Columbus project. This contest is more than just a showcase of artistic skill; it’s a celebration of our neighborhood’s resilience, creativity, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Contest Theme

Our contest theme revolves around celebrating the essence of Blueprint Columbus and its impact on our community. We encourage participants to create artwork that reflects an aspect of the
Blueprint Columbus project, whether it’s the beauty of green infrastructure, the importance of water management, or the spirit of community collaboration. Let your imagination be your guide as you explore the themes of innovation, sustainability, and community pride!


The Blueprint Columbus Children’s Art Contest is open to all young artists in our community, from kindergarten to high school. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting to discover your creative talents, we invite you to be part of this inspiring journey.

How to Participate

Participating in the Blueprint Columbus Children’s Art Contest is simple and exciting! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Create Your Artwork: Use your artistic talents to create an original piece of art that reflects an aspect of the Blueprint Columbus project. Whether it’s a painting, drawing, sculpture, or mixed media creation, let your creativity shine!

2. Showcase the Blueprint Spirit: Your artwork should capture the essence of Blueprint Columbus – from its innovative approaches to managing stormwater to its positive impact on our community and environment.

3. Submit Your Entry: Visit our contest submission page and fill out the entry form. Or deliver your artwork to a drop-off location*. Upload a photo or scan of your artwork, provide a title and a brief description, and don’t forget to include your name, grade, and school.

4. Share Your Vision: Spread the word about the contest and share your artwork on social media using our link. Encourage your friends, family, and fellow community members to join in the celebration of creativity and sustainability.

Community Voting

For the Blueprint Columbus our contest, we’re putting the power in the hands of our community! After the submission period ends, all entries will be displayed on our contest page for public voting. We encourage everyone to visit the page, admire the artwork, and cast their votes for the pieces they find most inspiring.


In addition to the thrill of sharing your creativity with the community, the winners of the Blueprint Columbus Children’s Art Contest will receive special recognition and opportunities to showcase their artwork:

1. Community Engagement: The winning artworks will be prominently featured in the community engagement materials for the Blueprint Columbus project. Your artwork will serve as a visual representation of our community’s dedication to innovation and sustainability, reaching a wide audience throughout the duration of the project.

2. Public Display: Your artwork will be proudly displayed at all of the community’s public meetings related to the Blueprint Columbus project. Whether it’s town hall gatherings, informational sessions, or community events, your art will serve as a source of inspiration and pride for all attendees.

3. Recognition from City Leaders: Selected winners will receive recognition from esteemed community leaders, including city officials, project organizers, and other influential figures. Your artistic achievements will be celebrated and acknowledged for their contribution to our community’s spirit and vision.

In addition to these opportunities for recognition and visibility, winners may also receive additional prizes such as art supplies, gift cards, and special certificates of achievement. Your creativity and talent will leave a lasting impact on our community, inspiring others to join us in building a brighter, more sustainable future.

Important Dates

Stay tuned for announcements regarding contest deadlines, judging dates, and winner announcements. We can’t wait to see the amazing artwork that our young artists create!

Join Us

Ready to showcase your creativity and celebrate the Blueprint Columbus spirit? Join us in this inspiring art contest and let your imagination soar! Together, we’ll continue to build a stronger, more sustainable community for generations to come.

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